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Lydney Grammar School, School Camp in 1939.

LGS camp 1939

Left to right
Back Row: (all standing) 1 Phil Edmunds; 2 Nora Harris; 3 Howard Pitt; 4 Stan Bennet; 5 Mary Nelmes; 6 Chas Davies; 7 Avis Phipps; 8 Margaret Burch; 9 Sam Hotchkiss; 10 Mary Burch; 11 Ann Hotchkiss; 12 Doug Kear; 13 Mrs Elsie Hotchkiss; 14 Sid Brown; 15 John Royston "Roy" Dennis ; 16 --Wheeler; 17 Graham Deaces; 18 John Buttfield; 19 Stan Downing; 20 John Rudge; 21 Reg McCullagh; 22 Dennis Powell; 23 Jim Burch; 24 Owen Gale; 25 -- Emery; 26 Roy Sanson; 27 John Fowler; 28 Syd Challenger.
Middle Row: (kneeling) 1 Hugh Launchbury; 2 Ted Parfitt; 3 Margaret Wickson; 4 Winnie Pitt; 5 Megan Thomas; 6 Mrs Margery Burch; 7 Betty Rudge; 8 Mary Pritchard; 9 Joy Goulder; 10 Beryl Bounds; 11 Madeline Hyett; 12 Marian Wright; 13 Joan Wilcox; 14 Ken Snow; 15 Geoff Curtiss.
Front Row: (sitting on ground) 1 Marion Knight; 2 Michael Hurst; 3 Ruth Burch; 4 Alan Powell; 5 Alan Bounds; 6 Jim Bartlett; 7 John Gunter; 8 Joan Burch; 9 Pat Biddle; 10 Josephine Harris; 11 Beryl Hale; 12 Chas Jones; 13 Eric Higgs.

The camp was held at Seatown, Near Bridport, Dorset in August 1939 just a few weeks before the outbreak of World War II. No annual camps were held during World War II.

Roger Dennis added (Oct 2009): "... Roy Dennis came back from R.A.F. service in the War and married Mary Pritchard, on Boxing Day, 1946 at St. Mary's Church, Lydney. They celebrated their Diamond wedding on 25 Dec 2006, but Mary passed away in March 2007".

Thanks also to Jane Tovey.

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