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Pupils of of Lydney Grammar School, Form 3A - 1960.

image: Form 3A 1960

Back Row: David Swineyard, Max Pritchard, Robert Uden, Peter Goodenough, James Nash, Brian Moore, Michael Bates, Ian Swift.
Middle Row: Timothy Blandford, Ann Morgan, Nan Wilkins, Jill Hudson, Rosemary Wintle, Susan Harley, Greta Box, Susan Harrison, Valerie George.
Front Row: Stuart Alcorn, Keith Hadley, Gabriel Green, Julie Wintour, Sheila Howard, Rosemary Barbara Hurd, Janet Fox, Malcolm Phillips.

Thanks also to John Lugg and Robert Uden who added (Mar 2007): "I believe it was Julie Wintour and Barbara Hurd in the class of 3A 1960. Robert Uden is definitely correct, for I remember it well!".

Julie Gurney added (July 2022): "Hello, it is Julie Wintour in the photo of Form 3 at LGS (above). It's me, and I am asking if anyone on the photographs can remember David Wintour, my brother, who sadly passed away on 12th of this month, at home in Donegal, Ireland, with his wife,Joan and his children Matthew and Clementine by his side. I am holding a memorial gathering, to be called 'Dave's Last Gig' in October for friends and family who couldn't attend any of the farewells to Dave, because everything has to be done within 3 days. If you have any specific memories of my brother, then I would love to hear from you. My email address is edandjulesAThotmailDOTcom (replace AT with @ and DOT with .)
so if you can send me anything connected to Dave and his music career at all, I would be grateful. He became a well respected Bass guitarist and worked with many stars in lots of ways. You can catch up with some of these on Google if you type in Dave Wintour Bassist, then lots of references to him will pop up. I expect you already know that his last work in England was with the Wurzels, who also lost their Drummer, John Morgan, recently. Before Cancer struck, he was gigging, in Ireland, with a former drummer of Thin Lizzie. I would be glad to receive memories for his family and friends and I look forward to catching up with a few classmates of his and mine. Very best wishes, to all of you who remember either my brother or me Julie Gurney (nee Wintour)".

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