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Lydney Grammar School pupils in 1973 - part 1.

Lydney Grammar School 1973

Lydney Grammar School 1973 - 1

 (Row 1 is nearest the camera, number pupils from left to right looking at the photo, Start at first whole face)

Row 6: 10 Anthony Price, 11 Peter Meill, 12 John Lambert
Row 5: 9 Brian Thorne 10 Royston Fletcher 11 Kevin Hoare, 12 Nigel coles 14 Cliff Shute 22 Ian Hodgekinson
Row 4: 5 David Fry, 6 Stuart Bowen 7 Adrian Watkins 8 Geoff Symons 12 Alan Crabbe 13 Bruce Hall 14 John Stinchcombe14 Dean Baldwin 15 Deon Phillips 16 Glynn Cooke 19 Charles Rodgers
Row 3: 2. Geoffrey Basil James, 7 Ian de Gruyther 8 Andy Kear 10 Anthony Price 13 Anthony White 14 Gary Macnamara 15 Paul Allen 16 Paul Brice 17 Nick Thomas
Row 2:
Row 1: 2 David Howard 14 Glyn Williams 15 Stephen Lax

Thanks also to Kevin Hoare, David Price, Sue Price, Jayne Cameron, Pete Thorne and Wendy Benstead.

This was the last photo of the whole school - taken by Buchanan & Company Limited, Portslade, Sussex.

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