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Lydney Grammar School pupils in 1953 - section 3.

LGS 1953 section 3

LGS 1953 - 3

 (Row 1 is nearest the camera, number pupils from left to right looking at the photo, Start at first whole face)

Row 8: 3 Hicks Twins. 5 .Mike Perrett 7.Pete Harris 9 Mike James 11.Bill Taylor 17.Tank Gardner 21.Mike Leeming last in line.
Row 7: 4 Bert Davies 8.Keith Sainsbury 10 Keith Williams, 14 Chas Phipps. 18 Carl Cox. 19 Bob Turl. 20 Margret Davies. 21 John Grail
Row 6: 2 John Gifford Howard James4 . John Iles 6.David Cave 10.Graham Smith 12. Tony Harris, 13 Angela Bradley 14 Bridle Townsan
Row 5: 1.Sally 2 Mike Ayland 9 Ann Morse 10. Ferris, 12.John Wiltshire
Row 4: 3 Ann Wood, 4.Chippy Organ. 6. Cecil Gunter. 7. Eunice . 8. Denis Mckernon. 10. John Belcher. 13 Wendy Dunn, 14. Neville Slee. 16. Terry Brown.
Row 3: .1 First full face Mr Hotchkiss, 2. Mr D'Aubyn, 3 Mr Jones 4 Minnie Mason 5. D.A.L Thomas ("DIT"), 6.Mr Sands, woodwork, 7.Mr Howells, 9.Mr Powell-Davis 10.Mr Rowley 11.Mr Chamberlain 12.Killer Green.
Row 2: 1.Dave Merrett, 2 Maureen Davies 3.Ian Yates, 5 David Bumford, 6 Maureen Davies 7.Peter Knowles, 8 Joan Ashford 9 Terry, 10 Pat Dixon (girl slightly behind the row), 11.Danny Voyce, 12 Pam Gannon. 13.Terry Wakefield, 15.Dave Bocking, 16.(slightly behind the row) Ann Buckley
Row 1: 1 Jean Phillips. 3 Yvonne Turley 6 John Wood, Richard Powell Tuck

Thanks also to Peter Richards, Cledwyn Davies, Howard James, Bryan Griffiths, David Wood, John Saunders, David Bumford, John Cecil and Dave Dunn.

Photo by Ray Studios Ltd., Braintree, Essex.

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