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Lydney Grammar School Camp, 1959?

A photo of pupils at a Lydney Grammar School camp in the late 1950s

Standing: 1 Judith Powell, 2 Gerald Hayward, 3 Robert Freckleton, 4 John Isles.
Sitting: 1 ?, 2 Jane Adams.

A photo taken at a LGS summer camp in 1959

Row 2: 1 ?, 2 Mike Probert, 3 John Geoff Hayward, 4 John Isles, 5 Ken James , 6 David Pitt, 7 ?, 8 John Morris 9 Anthony 'Titch' Lewis.
Row 1: 1 ?, 2 Margaret Rawlings, 3 Wendy Howells, 4 ?, 5 ?, 6 Jane Parton, 7 ?, 8 ?.

A photo froma Lydney Grammar School camp
Row 2: 1 George Merrett, 2 Trevor Wintle, 3 Cledwyn Davies, 4 Graham Probert, 5 Geoff Hayward, 6 David Imm, 7 John Wilcox, 8 Bev Dovey, 9 Robert Freckleton, 10 John Gerald Hayward.
Row 1: 1 Harold Harper, 2 John Isles, 3 George Haddock, 4 ?, 5 Mr Alf Barlow, 6 David Merrett, 7 Ken James, 8 John Radys.

Hazel thinks the year may be 1959 - but Peter Richards added "... Think this is earlier that 1959 maybe 1958, as by then Bev Dovey was at university in Leeds"

The date is now (Nov. 2015) thought now to be 1952/53.

Keith Kear added: "... Bev Dovey may have been at school camp as an old boy: a common practice. Robert Freckleton played 1st 15 rugby 1955/6 as open side wing forward; I was blind side. Presumably Robert also played for further seasons, as he would have been in the 4th or 5th form in 1955/6; I was in upper sixth".

Geoff Horrtit added "... An interesting fact is that in this photograph there are two who played full senior England Rugby Internationals!! Trevor Wintle played scrum half for England (and played for Cambridge against Oxford). Bev Dovey played in the front row against Ireland".

Cledwyn Davies added (April 2016): "... Bev Dovey also played against Wales".

Peter Richards added (July 2017): "... Bev Dovey also captained Roundhay RUFC, will always remember the look of amazement when, as the referee on the day they played Hull ER, I knocked on his changing room door and asked for the captain ! We spent a long time in the bar after reminiscing and met up through rugby a number of times after, before Bev moved back to Gloucestershire".

Thanks also to Cledwyn Davies, John Lugg, Geoff Horritt, Brian Gardiner, Keith Kear, Peter Elliott, John Wilcox, Peter Richards and Neville Slee.

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