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Watts accident recovery at Alvington.

Lorry accident

John added: "... I have five photos of this accident, about which I know very little. They were given to me about 50 yrs ago, as negatives, by Melville Watts. The wreck was removed by Watts Factors. I would welcome any information about the fate of the driver, possible passenger, what was the load ? etc."

Brian Oliver added: "... I have a copy of this photo, the accident occurred in 1964 ... it is not possible to identify the make of the tractor unit, but it would have been operated by British Road Services from their Bathgate Depot, as the wording on the trailer is how they marked their trailers. The crane was made by Coles Cranes of Sunderland and fitted for Watts onto a Leyland Octopus chassis supplied by Watts, it was ex John Raymond of Bridgend and had been taken in part exchange. The rear of the recovery vehicle visible behind the crane is an ex military Diamond T, purchased by Watts from Ashchurch military vehicle depot, and converted from a tank transporter to a recovery vehicle. The person standing by the lamppost in the donkey jacket by the cab of the crane lorry is the late Alf Peachy who was one of the recovery drivers".

David Johnston added (December 2013): "... I think there is a stream where the lorry cab finished partially submerged. PCs Peter Stoneham and Peter Price of Lydney traffic went into water and held drivers head above water for which they received a commendation, Driver lived".

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