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The Royal Albert Inn, Lydney 1952

The Albert Inn, Lydney

Colin added : "... the ... pic of the Royal Albert is again, we think from the 1950's. This was the first occasion that a lorry had rolled down Highfield Hill and collided with the pub, the second was a Friday night in the 1960's and spelt the end of another fine watering hole in the town ... Niki Wright Swan Smith was asleep in her cot when the accident happened - it was 1952".

Jon Mills added (January 2017): "...I can confirm that it was a Friday night, I had just joined the fire service I was 20, The Legion held bingo nights on a Friday my Father and Mother Nan and Roy Mills ran the Club at that time. I remember the siren going off. Hubert Cox was the Station Officer, Ron Jones and Harry Barr were both there, I remember Harry Barr getting in to the tanker (66 Petroleum) to steer it up the hill whilst Ron Jones drove Watts tow truck. I remember that there was still fuel in the tank and the fire was not out, very brave men".

A press cutting of the Royal Albert after the fire
Aftermath of the fire of September 10th 1965 following the road tanker accident.

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