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Lydcroft Singers at practice in Lydney in 1962.

Lydcroft Singers 1962

Back Row,(standing) 1,Pamela Baldwin, 2,Sheila Kear,3,Dorothy Miles,4,Margaret Trueman, 5,Jean Morgan, 6 ?, 7, ?, 8,Gillian Fowler, 9, Wendy Williams, 10, ?, 11, Dawn Tomlins, 12, Meryl Teague, 13, Margaret Mudway.
Middle Row (standing) 1, Joyce Voss, 2, Doris Gwynne, 3, Katherine Cooper, 4, Phyllis Goulding.
Front Row (seated) 1, Violet Stanley, 2, Valerie Watkins, 3, Brenda Rickards, 4, Jennifer Tawney, 5, Sheila Turley, pianist Muriel Gwynne, 6, Megan Kear, 7 Valerie Turley, 8, Pamela Gittings.
Conductor. Grace Knowles.

Gill added: "... Yet another photo of Lydcroft singers, this time at practice in the school at the bottom of Lydney. I,m afraid I can't remember the name of it, and there are three faces I can't name. Maybe someone could help with this?".

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