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Finch the grocer of Lydney.

Finch the grocer

John wrote:" ... I lived up Highfield Hill from 1936 to 1944 and Finch was our grocer. His shop was at the bottom of the hill, opposite Albert St and The Albert Pub. Each week my Mother would go down to the shop and discuss her needs for the next week, and, most importantly, which day of the week she wanted which item delivered. This was achieved with a Horse and Cart with a pair of huge wooden wheels, probably the last in Lydney".

Dave Dunn added: "... The same shops can be seen on the left in the picture Highfield Hill. I remember around 1950 that Mr. Roberts had a grocers shop in that block probably the same one. There was an alley running all around the back of the block".

(Name supplied) added (June 2013): "... I am guessing that it is at no 50 Newerne Street which was in my dad's family for many years, although I have never seen a picture. My part of the family was based in London, though I know my dad went back to Lydney when he was very young, in the 1930's. Although he didn't remember much, he vivdly remembered his first day at school there, and some dray horses for the bakery carts. I have never seen any photos - we never had any - so I wonder if anyone knows who the man in the picture is?".

Karen Docherty added (December 2013): "... My Great Grandfather Ernest James Legge had a grocers in the High Street definitely in the 1920's and 1930's in Lydney. My Great Uncle Harold Legge emigrated to Australia in 1923 and in letters back comments about the horse being rather temperamental .He died in the mid 1950's but my mother born in 1944 remembers getting the black bananas as a treat".

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