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Watts of Lydney Daimler lorry on Lydney Pier.

Daimler Truck

John wrote: "... 1915 Daimler 4 Ton truck with sleeve-valve engine, wooden chassis (plated), & core clutch, at Lydney Docks, with the River Severn & Sharpness in the background in 1998. Melville Watts et al found it in a derelict state in the early Sixties in the Welsh Valleys, where it had been used by Corona to deliver soft drinks. They painstakingly restored it, (Serck Radiators took the disintegrated radiator & produced an identical new one.) In Dec 1966 Brian Oliver took it to a show near Bristol & I rode back to Lydney in it. Crossing the then new Severn Bridge I wondered how long it would last if Bouncing Billie went over it often"

The bottom picture shows the lorry before it was restored.

Ruth Evans added (August 2014): "... My father, David Evans, owned this lorry, and sold it to Mr Watts. It was used on our farm, and I remember playing in it as a child. My father, who is now 87, would be very interested in finding out what happened to the lorry and where it is now".

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