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The Bunker family in Lydney in 1955

Bunker family
Pictures are the Property of The Bunker Family and should not be claimed elsewhere

Left photo: "...Jimmy Bunker middle John Bunker right Adrian Bunker outside 13 Regent Street, Lydney.
Furthest bay window is where Mr Death lived (pronounced De'ath) - next building on the corner of Bathurst Place was the Doctor's Surgery where we used to see Dr Bramble. It had a hissing gas fire and a very loud clock. I believe this is before the telephone exchange".

Right photo: "... Pamela Dyal of Fairfield Road holding Karin Bunker (b Lydney 19xx) - left front John Bunker middle Jimmy Bunker (b Lydney 19xx) right Adrian Bunker".

"Our Father David Bunker died in 1960 whilst living at No 13 and we left Lydney in 1962".

"In memory of Mrs Evelyn Dyal of Fairfield Road whose birthday was 12th December - the day after mine - one of the most beautiful women ever put on this planet".

Clive Allen added (June 2015): "... Jimmy and I were friends through junior school. Maybe he will see this and get in touch?".

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