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A fire at Blackrock Farm, near Lydney, Gloucestershire.

image: Edmunds Barn, Lydney

Margaret added: "Edmunds " barn (but - see below) on Church Road, Lydney when it burnt to the ground. I would say about early 1950. Lionel (Flash )Howell is watching and I think Charlie Williams is holding the hose.

Thanks also to Cedric (Sosco) Williams who added (Nov 2008): "The photoraph shown is not of Edmunds barn! The barn in the photograph is at Blackrock Farm on the Bream to Lydney road. Along with other young friends of that time, we watched the Lydney Fire Brigade (including my father, Charlie Williams) , put out the blaze----it took them some time!!!  This last weekend I called at the farm and showed them the photograph. They hadn,t seen it before. I think they were unaware that their barn had been destroyed by fire".

Ian Powell added (November 2011): "...with regards to the barn fire, my grandfather Ernie Letheren was also there. He too said that it seemed to take for ever to put the fire out, it was one of the longest incidents that he had ever attended".

Gordon Caldwell added (December 2011): "... The person putting out the fire is not Charlie Williams but Jack Caldwell who was my father. The man standing behind is Lionel Howells known as Flash. I have the original copy of this photograph. The fire was at Blackrock farm Bream road Lydney".

Lesley Parker added (January 2019): "... Not connected to the fire, but when a child/teenager in the 1960's I used to go to Blackrock Farm each weekend to ride the owner's ponies, Hilda (bay mare) and Tim (skewbald gelding). The then owners were Mr and Mrs Gwynne, and they had a son called Philip".

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