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Lydney Grammar School pupils in 1947 - part 4.

LGS 1947

LGS 1947 - Right

Pupils are numbered left to right, starting at the first whole face.
Row 9: 2 Robert Stephens, 3 Una Knight, 4 Don Green. 13 Ruth Winter, 17 June Phipps
Row 8: 6 Brice. 16 Peter Davies
Row 7: 3 Barbara Jennifer Helen Lewis, 4 Ian Evans. 8 David Rees. 11 Ted Winter
Row 6: 3 Ashley Wiffin  6 John Voss  25 Derek Worgan
Row 5: 9 Pat Griffiths, 10 Nita Davis, 11 Rodda Hail, 12 Hilda Cummins, 13 Joy Day, last boy Mike Remlent.
Row 4: 5 Ronald Howell, 6 Jean Edwards
Row 3: 1 Jean Edwards
Row 2: 2 Robert Stephens
Row 1: 1 Mary Whiting 2 Molly Morse 9 Muriel Craddock 10 Jeanette Camm 11 Mary Nash 12 Beryl Ackers 13Margaret Jeffs.

Thanks also to Brenda Meek, Hilary Boyce, John Saunders, Ruth Johnson (Nee Winter), Cheryl Wright, John Edwards, Alan Davis, June Mainland (Phipps) and Ray Brown.

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