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Lydney Grammar School pupils in 1947 - part 2.

LGs 1947

LGS 1947 - 2

Pupils are numbered left to right, starting at the first whole face.
Row 9: 9 Maud Weare, 10 Dennis Saunders 13 Mavis Pead, 15,Eric Barrett.16 Henry Kerswell.18'Mousie'Morgan., 22,Garth Allen
Row 8:1 Shirley James, 37 Margaret Davis,
Row 7: 3 Donald Wicks, Joy Dorrington, 11 Audrey James, 13 Ursula
Row 6: 2 Carol Westacott 5 Leeyson James, 6 Greta Davis , 7 Alan Bradshaw. 11 Royston Turley.13 Bill Stait. ? 17 Iris Mansell
Row 5: directly behind Mr Edmonds -Claude Jefferies, directly behind Mr Barlow and to right -Robert Stanley, directly behind Miss Higgs -Derek Hyde later Captain of School Cricket, Wendy Williams behind Miss Cowler
Row 4: (Staff Line from left) Croot -Prefect, Miss Biddle, Mr Elwyn Davis -Handicraft, ?, Mr Green, ?, Sports Mistress, Mr Arthur Lacoock -Histor,y Mrs Jones -Home Economics, Mr Phil Edmonds -English Literature, ?, Mr Alfie Barlow -Chemistry Sports, ?, Mr Ted Parfitt -Sports, Miss Cowler -French, Mr Sam Hotchkiss -Chemistry, Miss Collingwood -Physics later Mrs Winspear and Senior Mistress, Mr DAubyn -Physics, Mr Joey Ellison -Handicrafts, Miss Alice Higgs -Latin Senior Mistress,
Row 3: 1 Ronald Fletcher,
Row 2: 24 John Kear
Row 1: 2 Margaret Higgins nee Virgo, 5 Ann Wicks (nee Dorrington)

Thanks also to Ann Baxter nee Fletcher, John Saunders, Margaret Higgins, Keith Kear, Henry Kerswell, Alan Davis, Charles Wicks, June Mainland (Phipps) and Neil Snook.

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