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The Cyril Bailey Band of Lydney.

Cyril Bailey Band

The Cyril Bailey Orchestra in their heyday.
Left to right: 1 ,2 Doug Oldfield , 3 Johnny Preest (drums) , 4 Steve Jones, 5 Jack Belcher, 6 Arthur Meek, 7 Ted Annetts, 8 Cyril Bailey .
Jack Belcher is the 3rd sax player from the left in the centre. He played alto and clarinet.

Thanks to Roger Meek, Mal Preest, John Belcher, Polly Mercer, Ivor Ellis, John Marchant and B Nelson for the names.


The second picture shows Ivor Belcher on the left with the harp, James Belcher centre with the trumpet and Mr Cook with the violin. He later led his own dance orchestra as shown on the 3rd picture (below), courtesy of Robert Coldrick.

Cook's Band
Photo Courtesy of Robert Coldrick


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