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Williams and Cotton store, Lydney.

Williams and Cotton

A Williams and Cotton grocery store at the begining of Bream Road in Lydney. This is one of several Williams and Cotton stores that were in the Forest of Dean in the mid 1900's.

Judith Powell added (Sept 2007) : "Our family lived above this shop from 1953 to 1958. My father Ike (Jim) Powell worked as baker and confectioner for Williams & Cotton, and my mother (Phyllis) worked part-time in the shop for a while. My sister (Mary Powell) and I (Judith Powell) both completed our secondary education at Lydney Grammar School".

John Bunker
added (Oct 2007): "This is the smaller of the Williams & Cotton in Lydney in the 1950's. The larger one was further up towards the cross where there was a small 'Emporium' where we bought our groceries" . Malcolm Finch added (Feb 2008): "... in the late 1940's I used to be an delivery boy for Williams and Cottons. On a Friday evening after school I also used to help in the Bakery getting cakes etc ready for the following day. At that time the Baker was an Ex Royal Navy man as far as I can remember his name was Jim, and his fiance who worked in the bakery was a Phyllis ? are these Judith Powells parents? If they are they made the best 'congress tarts in the world' I also went to LGS and East Dean G S and Bells G S also Kingswood Bristol Dad was a Police Officer so we moved regularly,but LGS was the best school I ever went to. I live in Cirencester now having spent my working life in London following in Dads footprints. I am on LGS photo 1949(1) row 8 number 31"

Jane Sterry added (Oct 2008): "When my mum Margaret Sterry was a year old,back in 1935, her elder brother Ivor was asked by their mum Ruby Sterry to go to Williams and Cotton for a few things she needed. Ivor was asked to take the baby (Margaret) with him for a walk. This he did but forgot that he had her with him and left Margaret outside the shop and came back home.Nan though she was in the pram in the garden and about 40 mins later when she pram baby. She asked Ivor 'where's our Margaret? . 'Oh dear' he replied 'I've left her outside the shop". Up they ran to the shop to find Margaret quite safe and happy being looked after by the staff and eating a cake. Needless to say Ivor got a clip around the ear hole!!!".

A site visitor added (May 2016): "... Up until the start of the Second War... , Ron Croot, was the baker at this shop. He was a Territorial soldier and enlisted in early September 1939 to bake bread in a Field Bakery in the ASC, later RASC..... He was demobbed in 1945, returned to Lydney but soon relocated to Midersomer Norton. My Mum, ... was born in the bedroom above the shop and she remembers having to help to fry the doughnuts before heading off to school in the mornings

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