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Victoria Road, Lydney in the 1920s.

image: Victoria Road, Lydney in the 1920s

Top Left:
Roger wrote (May 2007): "...a 1920s view of the then one-sided Victoria Road, Mrs. Mary Emily Pritchard (of No. 5 then) feeding chickens. Visible in the background (on left) are a bit of No. 4, then No's. 5 to 13. This must be the 1920s. ".
Top Right:
Roger continued (May 2007): ".. left to right are my late mother, Mary Pritchard, my great-grandmother Mary Emily Pritchard and my aunt Jennifer Pritchard. Photo mid 1930s, but no later than 1938, when E.M.P. passed away. She and great-grandfather John Frederick Pritchard are buried in St. Mary's churchyard. Watts' premises in top left hand corner, the centre wedge of houses now long demolished and the lane, off to the right, my mother called The Patch.
A 1929 aerial view of Lydney. The tree in front of which Mrs Pritchard was feeding the chickens is the right hand of the two at the back of Watts' site, not the isolated one, further to the right.The Watts buildings can easily be identified.The corner house with the canopy far left is still there - at the bottom of Bream Road.

Peter Essex added (August 2011): "... Roger's gt. grandfather John Frederick Pritchard had about 12 siblings. One of them was Clara Ann Pritchard who married Henry Sterrey at Lydney in 1884. They had 7 children, 2 of whom, Frank and Hilda have descendants still living in Lydney and another of whom was my paternal grandmother Frances Sterrey. Thus Roger and I are distant cousins. Both the Pritchards and the Sterreys often spelt Sterry have long local roots. J F Pritchard's father Samuel Morgan Pritchard was baptised at Lydney in 1827. Henry Sterrey's gt. grandfather Richard Sterry was married at Minsterworth in 1794 and died at Awre".

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