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Lydney Scouts at Huntley Manor in the 1950s.

Lydney Scouts 1950s

Lydney Scouts at Huntley Manor annual fete.

Row 4: (All those standing) 1 Jim Scriven, 2. Mike Perret., 3.Graham Page, 4.Keith Sainsbury, 5.Malcom Scott, 6. Tony Butcher, 7.Roy Bryce, 8. John Saunders, 9. Harold Law, 10. Terry Mills, 11. Roger Reisener, 12. David Soutar, 13. David Cox.
Row 3: 1 Royston Barnfield 2, 3 David Webb, 4 Norman Addiss- Group scoutmaster, 5 Clive Wintle, 6, 7 (man in suit) Jack (John) Griffith of Lydney, Scoutmaster. 8 ? Nelmes. (slightly in front), 9 .
Row 2: 1 Keith Little, 2 (LHS sitting on ground) then 3, 4, Daid Merrett. (RHS kneeling on ground)
Front (Row 1): 1 Timothy Saunders, 2. Christopher Jones, 3. Brian Gardener, 4. John Parfit , 5,6, 7 Roger Hoare .

Thanks also to Ian Scriven, Brian Gardiner, John Saunders and Bev Nash.

Major Akers
Major Ackers of Huntley Manor when he received the Silver Acorn Award, for service to scouting.

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