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Naas Lane Camp, Lydney in 1997.

image: Naas Camp

Terry wrote (April 2007): "..the old camp at Naas Lane, Lydney in 1997. After the Americans left the camp, squatters moved in and it wasn't until 1947 that they were moved on. After this the local council refurbished the huts putting in a partition so two families could occupy one hut .A local told me they were very damp. The camp was locally known as "The Avenue". Families would reside there until adequate council housing was built. By 1957 the camp was empty and all buildings were handed back to Naas House Farm. The tower was a water tower and contained a large metal tank used by the military. I think this is only one of the remaining buildings.
The bottom left photo shows one of the metal ends for charge bags to be used in the 155mm Howitzer cannon. These were found locally a couple of years ago close to the camp which was home to the 144th Field Artillery Group, US Army. They were here for the build up to D Day 6th June 1944. The metal plates held three cardboard tubes hence the shape. There was one each end. The cardboard tubes contained a cloth bag. This was put into the barrel of the cannon behind the shell and would ignite sending the shell out of the gun. I collected around 20 of these from the camp area. Another point of interest was that General G.S. Patton visited the camp in early 1944".

Barbara Smith (Nee Vine) added (April 2008): "My parents lived in Naas Camp from about 1952 until 1956. They were rehoused in Ridler Road Lydney. The other families were moved to the same area, Harrison Way etc. My mother was very pleased after living in a 2 up 2 down cottage in Crosshands with her parents as they then had an indoor toilet!".

Joanne Rolls added (November 2013): "... I remember my Dad (Gordon Boswell) talking about his time with his family at Naas Camp, also rehoused at Ridler Road - 31 I think it was. My Nan was Gertude Ellen Boswell".

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