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A Lydney outdoor party c. 1960.

Lydney party c 1960

5 Lynda Horritt?, 10 Phillip Phillips, 11 Philip Turley, 14 Stephen Cooper, 15 Ann Cooper, 16 David Watson, 20 Dave Bartlett, 22 Kevin Howellwith, 24 Irene Howellwith, 27 Gillian Bartlett, 29 Sandra Mosley, 32 Bill Ginger Moseley, 33 Tommy Blake, 40 Ted Cooper, 41 Ivor Williams, 47 Phyl Phillips, 48 Mrs Gladys Glen Horritt, 49, 50 Ernest Horritt, 51, 52 Fred Watson, 53 Geoff Horritt, 54 Michael Lee, 55 Len Lee, 56 Jack Bartlett, 57 Joan Lee, 58, 59 Ena Mosley, 60, 61 Lil Watson, 62 Mrs Rene Howellwith, 63 William Horritt,

Pete wrote: "... another pic. from my parents collection. We don't know anything about this one, it could be connected with the Co-op, Watts or Duramin?. It looks like the Lydney R.F.C. ground. Len & Joan Lee, 2nd row from back, Joan's head directly below L.H. upright of structure in background. Len is holding Micheal so circa 1960. Perhaps your site visitors can offer more".

Geoff Watkins confirmed that this was a Duramin party.

Thanks to Clive Berry who added: "... This might be a Duramin photo. I am sure that the person in the centre of the back row with the cap on his head is Ernest Horritt the Managing Director of Duramin, next to him is his wife and on the other side of him is I believe Fred Watson".

Geoff Horritt added: "... I can confirm Fred Freddie Watson back row position 8. My father Ernest Horritt is next along in the hat back row again. The next along the back row is my Mother Gladys Glen Horritt. I Geoffrey Geoff Horritt am in the photo in the middle below and slightly to the right of Fred Watson wearing a white pullover and a hat. I have no recolection of the event at all. One further point is that the person in the back row 4th from the right wearing glasses and older than the rest looks very much like my Grand Father William Horritt. Why he should be there I do not know because he lived in Lancashire. I would put the date closer to 1955".

Thanks also to Avril Smith who added "... I (also) believe this is closer to 1955". and Lynda Horritt who added: "... I would like to confirm that this was a Duramin Party circa 1955".

Thanks also to Dave Bartlett, Jo Watkins and Linda Windridge.

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