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Lydney Coachworks on Lydney Industrial Estate.

Lydney Coachworks

Lydney Coachworks

Three Foremen are standing at the left hand side. 1. ? 2. George Adams 3. Vic Woods - Graham Long added (January 2014):"... These two (George and Vic) were still working at the Coach Works when I started there in 1949".

Back row from left: 1.J.Geddes 2 & 3 ?. 4,C.Tye. 5. R.Ward.6.P.Fitzgerald.7.? 8.Gerry Lambert. 9.Reg Overington.10. L.Knight, 11.? 12.C.Murphy.12.?.

Middle row left 1 ?, 2Reg Alger, 3 ?, 4 ?, 5 Mirriam Thorne, 6 Charlie Pocock, 7 Peter Wallington, 8 Ken Watkins, 9 ?, 10 Ralph Cook, 11 ?, D Goldsworhy,

Front row from left: 1.Pauline Algar. 2. ?. 3. M.Belcher. 4. Don Smith. 5.T.Beddis. 6.?. 7.Billie Bush. 8 & 9 ?. 10. Gwyn Humphreys.

Alan O. Watkins added (November 2016): "Between 1948 and 1950, Lydney bodybuilders supplied 12 double-deckers to Leigh Corporation. They were Leyland Titans of a version identified as the PD2/1. They were eight foot wide buses, with the sunken upstairs gangway and four across seating so familiar to Foresters using Red & White buses".

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