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Lydney Church of England School in 1958.

Lydney C of E School 1958

This photo was taken during my first year at Lydney Church of England school, situated in Church Road, Lydney. The school was destroyed some years ago, I'm not sure when, and houses were built there. I remember the playground as being quite large where we would play lots of team games such as British Bulldog, Kiss Chase, and skipping games such as "As I was in the kitchen, doing a bit of stichin". There was a lovely old tree at the edge of the playground near to the wall.

There were just three classes in the school and we were in each class for 2 years before moving up. Mrs Sterry was the teacher for the first class, Mrs Hale for the second and Mr Meredith for the "top" class. Mr Meredith was the Head Teacher and lived with his wife in the school house next door. Mr Meredith enjoyed music and singing and he taught us the dances for the country dancing displays in the area. I have very fond memories of my time here.

With apologies for any names I cannot remember or have wrongly remembered, those in the photo are:

Top Row, L to R: Robert Vaughn; Andrew Jones; Alan Simmonds; Stephen Luther; Paul Hughes; Alec Willis; Michael W?; David Gwilliam.; Jimmy Licorice.
Bottom Row, L to R: Mrs Sterry; not known; Celia Hopkins; Linda Horritt; Christine Harris; Michael Powell; Nicola Smith; Trudy D; Marilyn Weller; Linda White.

David Essex added: "... Although Celia Griffiths is correct about each teacher normally teaching the same class for two years it was a little different in 1955 when I first went there. Because 1948 had a high birth-rate Mrs Hale would have had too large a class size so Mrs Mary Pepper was brought in for just one year and I have much to thank her for. I only had Mrs Hale for one year but Mr Meredith was one of a handful of people who had a profound influence on my life and I had the greatest respect for him".

Thanks also to David Gwilliam.

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