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Event at Lydney British Rail Staff Association?

Lydney BRS

The door of the dartboard cabinet says Lydney B.R. Staff Association

Max wrote: "... two of the people on the photo are Pat Wasley and his father ("Wassels") which was the nickname of the The Miner's, Clements End of which Mr Wasley was landlord. Other people know are Mr Will Cole, Mr Percy Cole and Mr Jacky Preest. Does anyone recognise the others or know what the event was?"

Row 3: (all those standing - L to R): 1 Ralph Cole, 2 Fred Brooks, 3, 4 Percy Cole, 5, 6 Jackie Preest, 7 Wilf Edwards, 8 Jim Lewis, 9 George Yearsley, 10 Tom Jones, 11 Sid Humphries, 12 Dick Cecil , 13 Poot Nash, 14.
Row 2: (sitting on chairs) Jesse Jenkins, Will Cole, Reg Kear, Pat Wasley, Tom Yearsley, Will Watkins, Jack Wasley.
Row 1: Front (sitting on floor) 1, 2 Ted Cox, 3 Ivor Cox .

Dave Edwards added: "... I have a darts medal from the Coleford District Darts League Knock-Out Cup, winners 1949 won by this team".

Thanks also to Dennis Gething and Ivor Ellis.

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