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Lydney Street Directory 1910.

Victoria Road
No. Name

Seven semi-detached houses(South side of road not yet built on)

14 (27 today) Andow, J.G. Supt. Prudential Co.
14 (27 today) Imm, T.
13 (25 today) Grail, ?
12 (23 today) Camm, L.
11 (21 today) Rodway, J.
10 (19 today) Allen, H.
.9 (17 today) Hyett, Capt. [R]
.8 (15 today) Ridler, C.
.7 (13 today) Birt, Mrs. W.
.6 (11 today) Grey, Mrs. W. [R]
.5 (9 today) Pritchard, J.F. Offices Lydney Coal Co. G.G-F. John Frederick
.4 (7 today) Merrett, W.
.3 (5 today) Merrett, W. jnr.
.2 (3 today) Freeman, Mr. Esau. [R]
.2 (3 today) Freeman, E.
.1 Shepherd, W.

.? Powell, R.

The [R] indicates Resident.
The Directory has two sections, the first being Residents, replete with "Mr.", or rank, the second mere Householders, without the courtesy of a "Mr."

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