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Lydney Industrial Estate in 1945.

image: Lydney Storage Depot 1945

Terry explained (Mar 2007) the importance of this area near Lydney during the Second World War: "The photo shows the large depot used by the Americans for storage of items before shipping them all over the country. The first unit here was the 965 Quartermaster Company to be followed, as the depot grew, by the 238 Quartermaster Salvage "C" Company and the 544 Quartermaster Battalion. You can see the 4 large camouflaged buildings towards the top of the photo which are still there today. Eight of the huts in the corner of the yard are also still there. Pine End works is in the bottom right hand corner. Pine End factory would produce wooden aircraft panels for the Mosquito aircraft and for the Horsa assault gliders used in the D Day landings.
The canal is the black line running across the bottom of the photo below Pine End. Below the canal is the shoreline of the river Severn. This photo was taken in August 1945 and shows the depot has been cleared. To see an earlier photo click here > May 24 1945. Below is how the site looks today:

image: the site today
(Photo courtesy of Terry Halford) The same site today.

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