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Lydney, the old Severn Rail Bridge.

image: an old aerial photo of the old Severn Rail Bridge

An aerial photo of the old Severn Rail Bridge some time before it was damaged in an accident in 1960. Can anyone estimate a more accurate date from what is missing from the photo?.
Thanks to Ivor Ellis for these observations (Mar 2007) "This photo appears to be looking down on Lydney Golf Course. Some of the hedge lines are still there now and the house in the centre of the photo is still on the course. The club house is just visible in the tree line in centre of pic about 200 yds. from the railway line. Only a few houses of Tutnalls have been built so it may be 1920s or 1930s."
Thanks also to Gerald Jones (Mar 2007) who added : "The houses shown on the left of the picture are Ridler Road and Harrison Way, which were built in 1954/55. This would date the photo between then and 1960 when the Severn Bridge was damaged".

John Bunker added (October 2007): "I remember when the bridge went up - we were without mains gas for ages".

Colin Bayliss. added (March 2012): "... I have attached a Photo that shows the old Severn Railway Bridge in the background with the site for the "The British Piston Ring Co" (Brico) in the foreground, before it was built in Lydney".

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