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Lydney - the Old Post Office at Templeway West.

Lydney Post Office

This photo was taken from an old Calendar. The writing beneath it was "Cottages that were demolished to make way for Templeway West (also Lydney Pound attached). The old Post Office, Pound and cottages once sited opposite Lydney Town Hall. The Old Pound was demolished in the 1920s. The Old Post Office, used later as two cottages, demolished about 1939 to make way for Templeway West."
Thanks to Beaty Nice who added (April 2007): "This is a photo of my father Walter Nice. He was horseman to Mr Martin, Holms Farm. We lived in Green Cottage in the 1920's & 30's".

Thanks also to Anne Kay who added (Jan 2009): "My great grandfather used to be postmaster at Lydney Post Office before the 1920s, can't be more specific I'm afraid.  My grandfather was born there. His name was Arthur Shaw and his parents' names were Deborah and John Shaw".

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