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Lydney High Street, looking towards The Cross.

Image: Lydney High Street (45k)

The furthest building, with the flagpole, was the offices and stores of the Anglo-Bavarian Brewery Ltd, of Shepton Mallet. Most people will remember it as Lydney Post Office. Most of the left side of the photo is now occupied by Tesco. At the time of the photo - in the early 1900's, this was the main road to South Wales.

Thanks also to Rog Dennis who added (May 2007): "Fantastic - a photo of No. 44, High Street, or "Rosemont" at last. I've waited years to find a photo, as nobody in the family photographed the front!!! This is the house, on the left, with the canopied door. Mr. J.S. Watts was noted in the 1910 Directory as being its resident. In 1939, my grandparents William E.E. " Eddie" Pritchard and Annie "Nana" Pritchard (nee Jones, of Blistors Farm, Bream) moved here from 2, Oxford St, in 1939. My grandmother ran it as a guest house, for John Watts, until early 60s, when she (widowed in 1957) moved back to 2, Oxford St. What a wonderful house, with a huge garden - paradise when I stayed here in 1951, 1953 and 1956, with my parents Roy Dennis and Mary (nee Pritchard), who is pictured on the L.G.S. photo of 1938".

John Abdenour added (January 2013) "... This is a fascinating postcard because right across the street from 44 High Street is 41 High Street the house where the famous British composer Herbert Howells was born. That house is not visible in this postcard but is clearly visible in other vintage postcard views of this section of the High Street".

Jon Mills added (January 2017): "... Sorry John, Herbert Howells was lower down opposite the Post office where Immms Builders merchants was, either that or they put the Plaque in the wrong place".

Lesley Parker added (March 2017): "... From 1953 to 1967 I lived at 33 High Street, opposite The Feathers Hotel, and just out of the photo. My father owned Lydney Motorcycles, which as next door to Mr. Stinchcombes shop (later Baber's). Am now in Tasmania".

John Abdenour added (November 2018): "... Jon, you may be right - I've never been to Lydney (although I very much wish to go to pay respects). All I can say is that the black Howells plaque is affixed to a building immediately next door to the Baptist Chapel (which makes sense - Howells' father played the organ at the Baptist chapel, and so did young Herbert), and immediately across the street from Tesco. At least that's what Google street view would indicate. Beyond that I can't say. And determining whether a given building in a grainy 100 year old photo is the same one a century later is also tricky".

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