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Lydney Colts rugby team in the 1960 - 1961 season.

Lydney Colts 1961

Lydney Colts 1960 - 1961 season.

Back Row: Jack Gratton (Coach)  David Gardener, Anthony "Consul" Rudge, Ray Baker,  Tony Ball,  Barry Peacey, Malcolm Tyrell, Dave Dunn, Jimmy Christodouledes, Clive "Flash" Wicks, Tony? Rudge, Rod Sharpe
Front Row: Derek George, Larry Watkins Meek, Neville Slee, Colin Thomas, Anthony Jones, Bob Craddock, Winston Saint, Bill Baker, Gary Edwards..

Dave wrote : "Attached is the team picture of Lydney Colts Season 1960 - 61 taken outside the club house with the old Red and White Garage and Highfield Hill in the background. I think we were undefeated. The team was mainly made up of former pupils from Lydney Secondary School who had been proteges of John Fry (the leaving age was 14 or 15 in those days) and a few from Lydney Grammar School who didn't normally play for the School. Ted Parfitt, the sports master, wasn't keen on this and looked upon the grammar school boys as rebels. I went to both schools and he use to make us rebels play against the LGS first team to give them practice. We liked to annoy Ted by showing we weren't that bad but I think he was secretly pleased with us. The secondary School used to play the Grammar School at under 15 years old and the competition was intense. Happy days when rugby was played for pleasure and pride".

Thanks to Gary Edwards who added (December 2009): "My pal Anthony Jones mentioned that this photo had been published recently. Brings back lots of great memories. ... I played full-back for the colts, fly-half for Lydney Secondary Modern and full-back for Lydney Grammar. I am truly grateful for all the time and interest laid down by the coaches and sports masters in Lydney. I'm a pensioner today, living just outside Stockholm in Sweden. Played rugby for Wimbledon, Bletchley and Yeovil as an adult, and for Stockholm Exiles (at an age when I should have known better)!".

Chris Bayliss added (March 2010): "... last on the right, top row, is Rod Sharpe - ex LGS - and talking about rebels: a group of us from LGS first XV also entered the senior (I think) Sevens tournament at Regentsholme around that time. Ted Parfitt strongly advised against it and when we won refused to display the cup in the school trophy cabinet".

Thanks also to John Wilcox.and Tim Saunders.

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