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A Lydney Carnival parade in July 1952.

image: Lydney Carnival July 1952

M.E.B. (Midlands Electricity Board) float at the Lydney Carnival, July 1952.

Roger wrote (June 2007): "Taken by G. "Les" Dennis, this shows Lydney Carnival in July 1952. In the foreground is the Midlands Electricity Board's float. Les had started at Norchard Power Station, when it opened, but in later years worked in the M.E.B. offices on Highfield, retiring from there in 1957. I can recall how he praised the concept of nuclear power, as Berkeley (nuclear power station) took shape across the river. We didn't know then what we know now and from being greatly impressed as a boy, I'm now greatly sceptical".

The first shop on the left is 'Lydney Boot Stores' with the name 'W H? Charles' above the door. Next is the 'Newerne Cafe'.

Another site visitor added (Jan 2009): "During the war the "Lydney" in Lydney Boot Stores was boarded over, the road signs were removed and as it turned out, only the British got lost".

Margaret Watson added (July 2012): "... I am 99% sure that is me sat on the M.E.B lorry. I was then Margaret Howell and worked at the M.E.B from 1949-1953 in the showroom. I worked with Marion Hughes and Sheila Carpenter. Would like to hear from them if they are on internet. Mr Dennis was my boss".

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