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London Rubber Company charity bike ride to Ross-on-Wye.

K2 bike ride

Linda wrote: "... enclosed photos of a Charity Bike Ride To Ross-on-Wye I don't remember the date, I just know it was a long way for all of us out-of-condition girls. Looking at the photos some were smoking and when we got there we had a Mars bar and a glass of GL Cider, just right for athletes!. L. R.C. (London Rubber Companry) had sponsored the Climb to K2.

Half Way - (top photo) In Picture-Right, Liz Meek, In Car, Dawn Weavin, Hand on Leg, Cheryl Lewis, leaning on car, Linda Allen.

At Ross - (middle photo) Back Right, Cheryl Lewis, Linda Allen, Front Left, Sue Phillips, Liz Meek, Ann Thomas.

Close up Mars Bar and GL Cider Left, Dawn Weavin, Linda Allen, Front, Ann Thomas".

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