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J. Allen Rubber Co. with BRICO in the background.

J Allen and Brico

J. Allen Rubber Co. with BRICO in the background
Lydney Industrial Estate, Harbour Rd., Lydney

Promotional material from Lydmet issued in 1983:
"Lydmet Lmited, Tutnalls, Lydney, GLOS.
The home of the cast iron camshaft.
The Associated Engineering Group of Companies took the decision to establish a foundry at Lydney in 1962. The original company was called British Piston Ring, and later changed its name to Brico Metals. In 1978 it again changed its name to the present Lydmet Limited, signifying its gradual development as an autonomous Company within the Associated Engineering Group.
Casting over 400 tons of iron a week, the Company produces engine components for the automotive industry. Its products include Valve Seats, Valve Guides, Tappets, Rockers and Camshafts. The last named product is now the principal component manufactured at Lydney. Throughout the seventies the Company's reputation in this field has developed to the point where it is now recognised as the leading manufacturer of cast camshafts in the U.K. and Europe. Our customers are household names and include Ford, BL, Vauxhall, Talbot, Volvo, Saab, BMW, Daimler Benz, Porsche and Fiat.
Around 420 people work at Lydmet, and there are several examples of families in employment with us, while certain employees have worked for the Company since it came to Lydney in 1962.
Our managing Director, Mr Alan Deardon, joined the Company in January 1972, and under his direction the company has established a stable position in the Foundry industry with every hope of further devlopement in the future".

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