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Duramin lorry bodies at Lydney Gloucestershire.

Duramin lorry bodies

Duramin lorry bodies

Geoff wrote (August 2007): "Duramin, a commercial vehicle body building company came to Lydney just after World War 2 from Park Royal in London, in order to build radar cabins for the M.O.D. (Ministry of Defence) Fred Watson, Ted Cooper, Jack New, and Bill Moseley amongst others, moved to Lydney to help set up the new factory. When the contract expired, Duramin then branched out into the manufacture of all types of commercial vehicles. A fire completely demolished 'F' shed in the early sixties. A new facility was built called 'M' shed specifically designed for building insulated and dry freight containers. The company moved to Hong Kong in the mid to late 1970's. I started as an apprentice at the age of 14 in 1954, and was made redundant in 1971. When Duramin Engineering left Lydney, Lydney Containers was set up by the management, but had no connection with Duramin itself".

Lynda Stokes added (August 2008): "... my father was Ernest Horritt and he was the Managing Director of Duramin. He came from London at the same time as Freddie Watson and Bill Mosely and others. In those days the firm was owned by the Alglethorpe family and then of course taken over by I think United Transport and huge involvement by the Watts family. As a child I would go every week with my father and I knew every single person and my father was very well loved .When he died in 1999, in the Church I saw so many faces from the past ... I remember the fire well as we had to get up in the middle of the night and it was a terrible blow to them".

James Bevan added (Nov 2008): "In the 1960's Duramin built many bulk tipper bodies and some of the first large tandem axled tipping trailers in the U.K. for Bevan Bros, Soudley Valley Transport".

Ian Scriven added (July 2010): "... I was an apprentice coach painter and signwriter and worked in F Shed which was the paint shop. I remember those vehicles in the photos. The paint shop manager was Don Adams".

Clive Berry added (November 2010): "... I was also an apprentice at Duramin from around 1959 until 1963. One of the truck bodies I remember working on was a semi-trailer to be used for carrying coils of steel rod. In the centre of the trailer and running from the front to the back was a semicircular well where the long coils of steel sat. This well prevented the steel coils from moving as the trailer went around corners when the steel was being transported along winding roads. If the same trailer was to be used for regular freight wooden boards were placed across the top of the well providing a completely flat trailer for carrying any type of freight".

Robert Swift added (January 2012): "... I remember driving for Cerebos Salt in the 1950s. Most of their fleet of HGV Delivery Vehicles were box-bodied Albions and ERFs bodied by DURAMIN at Park Royal. They also operated ERF 6 and 8 wheel Rigid Flatbeds. I drove all of these types and have tried in vain to find photographs of them. I wonder if anyone could help?".

John Taylor added (December 2012): "... In 1949 my father started a company called Anglo Continental Container the first container company in the UK. One of their first containers was made by Duramin. I am trying to trace this history as it is claimed that the USA started the whole industry If you can help I would be very grateful ... I am researching Anglo Continental Container Services as seen in these photos and would love to talk to Geoff Watkins or Lynda Stokes who might be able to help me in this task".

Mrs Mary Hepworth-Taylor added (Feb 2015): "... I am the late Edward Watson Oglethorpe's (know often as Ted at the works) eldest daughter, the owner of Duramin. My father was the managing director of the Ruislip factory, taking over from my Grandfather Lewis. As a child I have fond memories of often visiting both factories. When a visit was made to Lydney, my brother James and I would accompany my father and stay at Speech House Hotel in tbe Forest of Dean. We had a four poster bed!. In Ruslip there was a man we called, Jack the driver, who drove around in a Bedford van, it had sliding doors, and often we would have to hold on because the doors were, in those days often not closed!".

Thanks to Bernard Mules who added (July 2016): "... driver Fred Jackson".

Alan Biggs added (September 2017): "... I would like information or photos of Duramin alloy half cab,A.E.C. Mercury tippers,with 8 yard Duramin alloy body. These were new to the 'Ham River'. grit company Ltd. Chertsey,Surrey.1960 -61. Made at Ruislip, Middx".

Kevin Ellis added (February 2021) "... My father Percy Ellis worked at the South Ruislip factory in Stonefield Way for a period after the war. He was a joiner & I remember him telling me he used to build the body frames on a lot of the AEC lorries manufactured at Southall. I think he probably left when they moved to the larger Park Royal site.

Philip Ayres added (November 2023): "... May I introduce myself as Philip Ayres. You may never have heard me or my father but he was Stan Ayres and he used to work at Duramin with Ted Cooper who I see is referred to in one of your articles. I believe he's passed away now ...they were very good family friends. I went to his wife's funeral Ann in 2007. I don't know if this Email address is still monitored but I thought it's worth putting in a quick Email in your Inbox to let you know that I knew Ted Cooper we have some very fond members of our times together. Many Thanks Philip Ayres".

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