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3 Lorries from Duramin Engineering, Lydney.

3 Duramin lorries

Geoff wrote (July 2007): "....(Top) a lorry I helped build in the late 1950's, when working as an apprentice at Duramin Engineering. The lorry is a Dodge Commer used for carrying cement. Note the crane and gantry belonging to Pine End in the background, used for unloading timber off the barges.
(Middle) - Leyland lorry with a body specially built for Guiness
(Bottom) - note the Formwood Factory in the background". (This vehicle is a Mitchell and Butler, Guy, (M&B) brewer's dray)
(On the back of each photo is stamped, 'This photograph is the copyright of Duramin Engineering (Lydney) Ltd., Lydney, Glos')
'Duramin Engineering' and 'Formwood' were both located on the Lydney Industrial Estate, Formwood later moved to Tufthorn Avenue, Coleford. The units where they used to be (Nissan Huts) are still there (apart from the 2 that burned down a few years ago).


Detail showing Formwood "Nissan Hut"

'Formwood was started by Edgar Risener and David Stearn. They made Landrover seats out of wood chips, and trays from plywood. They moved to Coleford and became the European leaders in open cell suspended ceilings seen in all of the most prestigious buildings in th UK, even the loos at Buckingham Palace!'

Thanks also to Kelly Imm.

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