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Cadwallader butcher's shop in Church Road, Lydney c 1910.

Near Lydney Cross

Tim wrote (January 2008): " My wife Chris has been researching her Radnorshire family history and found these 2 pictures in amongst her family records"."The butcher is Charles Cadwallader, her great grandfather's brother. He kept the butchers in Church Rd, Lydney. We are not sure of the date of the picture but know he was in Lydney in 1901 and would guess a date of 1910 very approximately. In 1901 he employed a 19 year old assistant butcher called John Latham who was born in Bream. Charles Cadwallader was married to Lelia Alice nee Smith who we believe was born in Lydney. My father, who is 95, remembers it being Cadwallader the butchers and I remember the shop when it was Martins the butchers in the 1950s".

" The school picture is a copy of a postcard that was posted in August 1908 from Lydney to my wife's family in Knighton, Radnorshire. I think it is the old Church School in Church Rd, Lydney".

Thanks also to Jo Watkins who added (Feb 2008): "The Lydney and District Official Guide printed sometime in the 1950's, displayed an advertisement for E.H. Martyn, High-class Meat Purveyor, Church Road, established in 1827. The shop eventually closed in 1972.

Alec Willis added (May 2010): "... My father Jack Willis worked for Mr Martyn as his butcherslaughterman until he retired in 1967. He may have started with Mr Cadwallander. The shop was always closed on Mondays for slaughtering. In the winter it was warmer in the fridge than the shop".

Bernard Butcher added (September 2010): "... I was in the RAF with Michael Martyn (spelt with a Y by the way) in 1954/5 as National Service Officers when we were stationed at RAF St. Mawgan. I stayed with the family in Lydney one leave and have fond memories of the family. I remember the shop and the slaughterhouse and I believe Mr Martyn also had some land where he kept beasts for slaughter. Michael Martyn was an only child I believe. When he left the RAF he went into education perhaps as a lecturer. I often wonder what happened to him. Any information would be welcome" (click below if you can help)

Michael Martyn added (September 2011): "... My father Ernest E H Martyn had the shop from 1937-1972. He was 70 when he retired and went to live in Grove Road. The field that Bernard mentions was on the Aylburton road adjoing the Old Furnace premises. Later it became part of the School Playing Fields. The previous owners of the business were James Bryce 1827-1860, W J Smith 1860-1900, C Cadwallader 1900-1937".

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