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Bridge Hotel, Lydney an outing sometime in the late 1950's.

Bridge outing

Dave wrote (June 2008): " Back extreme right is Gay Turley (holding bottle), to the left of him is Alf Dunn (holding bottle), looking over his shoulder with a cap is Ron Liddington, Big Man in middle with Walrus Moustach is Police Spt. Charles Shellswell  (retired). The man in the middle with glasses holding a bottle is the bridge Landlord at the time Bert Cole. On the left of him holding a bottle is Harold Webb. On the left in the middle rank looking down is Ian Evans. Fourth from left on front rank is Frank Walker. Third from right on front rank is Ralph Evans (Father of Ian)"

Roger Dennis wrote (June 2008): " Was Gay Turley the driver of the Little Grey Ferguson tractor, in Bathurst Park? At my insistence, every trip to the Park had to include a visit to "Mr. Turley" and his tractor. I have no memory of his face, so I'm hoping this might be him!".

Louise White (nee Turley) added (July 2008): "Mr Gay Turley was'nt the tractor driver he was a miner. My dad can remember the other Mr Turley but no relation to Gay".

Clive Berry added (November 2010): "... The Mr. Turley who looked after the Bathurst Park was Mr. Sidney 'Sid' Turley. He used to live at 15 Whitecross Road across the road from the Park. His wife was Cissy Turley nee Saunders whose Father was a butcher in Lydney".

Dave Bartlett added (July 2011): " ...front row second from the left is Arthur Brookbanks, fifth from the left is Archie Baghurst."

Ian Cook added (January 2012): "... Mr Clive Berry I wonder if you can point out my grand-dad on this picture. He was Sidney Turley. Also I would love to speak to you and pick your brains about both of them. I am Jane Turley Cook".

Thanks also to Margaret Pugh.

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