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Inside the Bridge Inn at Lydney, Gloucestershire.

Bridge Inn, Lydney

Left to right: 1 Ron Comely, 2 Fred Haines, 3, 4 Sid Nelmes, 5 (at back) , 6 Terry Beddis?, 7 (at front) Frank Walker, 8 Len Comely.

Dave added (July 2008): "This picture might be of interest in connection with the Bridge Hotel Lydney. It shows a singalong in, I believe, the back bar of the Bridge. I think it was taken about 1960 but might be earlier. On the extreme left and right are the brothers Ron and Len Comely. Second from, left is Fred Haines and bottom right is Frank Walker who seems to appear everywhere on the web site in pictures taken in Lydney (he died just  a few years ago). The solid iron table is typical of the bar furniture I well remember, it was difficult to spill a drink by bumping into them. I think the person standing at back second from Right is Terry Beddis but I am not positive. I have no idea who is playing the piano".

Debbie Kyte added (April 2010): "... I think the person playing the piano in this photo is my late grandmother Dorothy Doll Cleaver married to Joe Cleaver. They lived at 4 Springmeadow Road. My Nan also played the piano at The Fleece".

Thanks also to H. J. Warren.

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