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Lord Bledisloe's Servants, Lydney in the early 1900s.

Servants at Lydney Park Estate

Lord Bledisloe's Servants - early 1900s

The servants getting ready for a day out at Lydney Park House, early 1900s". If anyone had an ancestor "in service" at Lydney Park Estate in the early 1900s, they may well be on this photo.

Row 2 (all those standing):
Row 1: 2 James Windsor.

Bob Windsor added (July 2009): "... James Windsor was my Grandfather and worked in charge of the live-stock. He lived in the Old Furnace Cottages as a tenant of the estate having moved to Lydney from Somerset where he'd lost his own farm".

Sue Thomas added (January 2012): "... Sadly I cannot see my grandparents on any of the photos but my grandfather John Henry Deakin was a butler at the main house Lydney Park and this is verified on the 1911 census. His address is shown as Park Orchard, Aylburton. I believe my grandmother was at some time a cook at the house. I have no idea otherwise of their dates of service except that my aunt their daughter born 1911 used to talk of growing up and playing in the big grounds. I have small photos of the house they lived in at Park Orchard which are not very clear but which might be of interest to you".

Sheena Brown added (May 2016): "... The man and lady in the bottom right hand corner I think they are my nan and granddad ,I know my nan Ethel Hunt (Ede) worked there and they really look like them are there any records of the servants?".

Elsie Winsor

David Suggars added (February 2011): "...hi sent you this photo of my grandmother. Her name was , Elsie Winsor, it may have being spelt with a D, I don't know?. She was born in Tiverton, Devon 9-8-1896 and died in May 1982 in Birmingham. In the photo, she was aged 16 and worked as a parlormaid for Lord & Lady Blediloe".

David included a letter about the family, part of which reads: "... It's amazing how little we know about our parents etc. When you're young you're bored by the whole thing and when it's too late, you wish you'd asked. Nan Suggars was parlourmaid to Lord and Lady Bledisloe in Lydney. Grandad Windsor was his Bailiff and 2 of nan's brothers were grooms. - The Bledisloes 'ruled' Lydney and if you worked for them you were favoured. Nan used to look after the young son and took him to see early films at the local hall (before they had a cinema)"

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