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A group of people from the Forest of Dean on a Blackpool Trip.

Blackpool trip

A Foresters trip to Blackpool.

Row 3 (standing at back): 1, 2, 3 Ted Gurney (from Yorkley), 4 Fred Pen (driver), 5 Vic Dunn.
Row 2 (standing on ground left to right): 1,2,3,4,5 Maude Reddick,6 Harold Webb (of Yorkley),7 Bernice Carpenter,8,9,10,11,12,14,15,16,17,18,19
Row 1 (sitting) 1, 2, 3 Tom Pensom, 4, 5 Norah Pensom.
Girl at front .

The photo was taken outside Grantham House, Blackpool.

The Grantham Hotel in 2016
The same establishment in 2016 - from Google Streetview.
Dave wrote (June 2008): "The attached pictures might be of interest to you and anyone from the Forest who went on holiday to Blackpool during the mid 1950's.  The holidays were organised by Tom and Norah Pensom from Lydney. The journey always started early in the morning from Lydney and picked up people around the Forest before heading off for Blackpool.  The coach went every week throughout the summer. Tom and Norah are on both pictures. I have identified a few people and recognise others that I can't name. The pictures were taken outside the boarding house in Blackpool. The driver in one is Fred Penn and it looks as though he drove for the Red and White. Two others in both pictures are Harold Webb from Yorkley and Victor Dunn from Lydney. The coach journey was always broken by a lunchtime stop at the Rose and Crown somewhere in Lancashire where the hangman Pierpoint was the landlord".

Barry Jones added (June 2008): "Fred Pen Worked for the 'Red & White' and went on to become an Inspector for the Forest area based at Lydney, I do believe he went into his retirement from the 'Red & White'. He also had a daughter Marilyn who was a Conductress based at Lydney".

Dave Nash
added (June 2008): "The following is courtesy of Wikipedia. The Rose and Crown of which Albert Pierrepoint was landlord was at Much Hoole nr. Preston, about 25 miles from Blackpool".

Sheila Jones added (June 2008): "My mother Maude Reddick and her sister Bernice Carpenter, 5th and 7th from left in row 2 (Sandford girls) used to go every year to Blackpool and this continued until her death in January 2008 aged 88 years".

Thanks also to Phil Horsley, Bill Richards and Ivor Ellis

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