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An Airship seen from Valley Rd, Lydney.

An airship over Lydney

Roger wrote (Aug 2007): "Taken by my grandfather, George Leslie Dennis, it wasn't obvious why two shots had been wasted on a boring Lydney skyline. Then I found a third and correctly exposed print. The reason was now obvious, low down over the houses - the famous Graf Zeppelin airship, supposedly on a goodwill trip, but actually engaged in spying. She was perhaps one of the first flying examples of ELINT - ELectronic INTelligence and was attempting to discover more about strange radio masts, that were springing up on England's eastern coast. Despite their efforts, the Germans did not discover that these were the country's embryonic Radar, with the cover name of RDF - Radio Direction Finding. Maintaining the subterfuge, on being called up for the R.A.F., my father Roy was an RDF Mechanic, not a Radar Mechanic".

Thanks also to Harry Cullis who added (Sept 2007): "I was born 'Down the Lonk', Berry Hill , Coleford, Glos on December 5th 1918. I remember seeing the zeppelin. I worked on RDF myself. During World War II, I was an Experimental Officer with Department of Scientific Research, London, putting Radar on Anti Aircraft sites round South East London during 1940-1942. In 1943 I was in the Army with 95th HyA/A REME. I was later sent overseas to put radar round Calcutta, India" .

Greg Wheatstone added (Dec 2007): "Thank you for posting this picture-I think the mystery of what my father saw as a boy in the Lydbrook valley has been solved. Thanks to all those that contacted me through your website!"

We think that the date of the photo is early summer in 1936 or 1937.

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