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A Joys Green Trip in the 1950s

Joys Green trip on Edwards Coaches, 1950s

Pete wrote: "... attached is a photo of a day trip from Joys Green probably to Weston-S-Mare or similar the mid 1950's I believe. I recognise some of the people, the drivers are Les Hatton, Jonny Andrews ( I think), Tich Matthews, Gordon Meek ( my dad), and Geoff Bale".

Back row 1 (in light jacket) Vince Harper, 2 Jack Duggan, 3 Sam Simmonds, 4 Jeff Davies, 5 (wearing glasses) ?, 6 J Andrews, 7 Hope.
Front Row: 1 Skipper Harris, 2 Glad Gwatkin, 3 Grace Brain, 4 Nell Harper, 5 , 6 Chubby Wadley, 7 Mrs Hilda Barnett (nee Duggan), 8 Mrs Shields, 9 Led Hatton, 10 Rich Mathews, 11 Gordon Meek ,12 Goff Bale ,13 Mr Greenaway.

David Tyler added (June 2014): "... Back row no 2 is actually my granddad Jack Duggan who chaired the Lydbrook old folks committee for some time. The lady on the right of chubby wadley (front row) I believe is Hilda Barnett nee Duggan, Jack Duggan's sister. The first bit of info is 100% the second is 80%".

Thanks also to :Samantha Yemm and Joan Creed.

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