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Baker Family, Coalway.

A house in Lydbrook?

The attached photograph is believed to be the home of the Baker family in Lydbrook (later found to be Coalway).

"James Baker and Eliza White were married in Lydbrook in 1856, and emigrated to Australia with their ten children in 1878. The women in the photograph are unknown – James’ parents were Thomas Baker and Sarah Hoare, while Eliza’s were George White and Maria Meredith. The stamp on the back of the photograph is ‘ J W Porter Photo Artist Coleford Glos.’ We will be in Lydbrook in late May 2013 researching our Baker family history. It would be nice to think we could locate this house if it still survives".

It may be facing a Northerly direction as the stone cottage behind it has few windows?.

Ian Thomas added: "... If this house was/is in Lydbrook I would expect to see some hillside behind it as Lydbrook is in a steeply enclosed valley. It seems as if this building is on the top of a hill".

Can anyone help?

Royston Pritchard added: "... I am 90% sure this house is on Pisgah Corner, Old Road, Coalway. It's changed a bit with extra houses built in the early 1900s ... the chimmneys show the same brickwork but the lovely pots have dissapeared and the porch also. The cottage in the distance is still there. The photographer took this picture from outside a cottage where I lived for 20 years. I have a gut feeling that the people who lived there may have been connected with the Coalway Bakers".

Patrick James added: "... In response to Royston I have looked at my old deeds to my house Prospect Cottage and can confirm that a Mr James Baker purchased this house on the 3rd of July 1867 from the Honorable James K Howard who worked for Her Majestys Treasury. He then sold the cottage on 23rd of July 1878 to Mr Henry Morgan. Hope this helps".

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