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Lydbrook, Peaked Rock.

Lydbrook, Peaked Rock (40k)

The reason can easily be seen for the name of the outcrops. These limestone peaks rose some three hundred feet above the valley floor and look out over Bell Hill. They could be approached from the road that is visible to the right via a lane, then after crossing the railway line would be a climb of "Jacobs Ladder". These were man-made steps. Next, cross the Lime Kiln, Forge Hill Road, then up the steep under part of the peaked rocks. Normally they would be approached from what is now the Joys Green housing estate via a track. Many local people would enjoy a weekend or evening walk up to the peaked rocks, Of course it was a little dangerous not being fenced or walled. From the vantage point, Bell Hill and the middle and upper part of the valley could be viewed. Now in recent times a television tower stands near the rocks and they are not easily approached. From the bottom right of the picture about 100 yards down the road is "Lydbrook Old House" or "Sarah Siddons House". This famous and well acclaimed Shakespearean actress had visited the Old House in her younger days. An inn in Cheltenham also perpetuates her name : "The Sarah Siddons".

- Ken W Sollars

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