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Jordan family and Martin family

Jordan family

Jordan family & Martin family

Left photo - Wendy wrote: "... In the photo of the four men I only know my father Henry Jordan, 2nd from the left, The photo must have been taken before 1940".

Left to right: 1, 2 Henry Jordan, 3 Raymond Lewis, 4.

Thanks also to Heather Powell.

Right photo - Wendy added: "... The four girls were, I believe, the Jordan family from Worrall Hill, but I need confirmation of this".

Jude Kaye added (September 2010): "... (re. the picture on right hand side of the page) these are not Jordan girls but are in fact the Martin family from Yew Tree Cottage, Hangerberry. The youngest is Ethel May Maisie Martin, ... , behind her is Mavis Martin. On the other side at the back (right) is Gwendoline Doris Martin and in the front (right) is Greta Martin". The photo dates from 1912/13 and was taken outside Yew Tree cottage.

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