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Old Air Raid Shelter at Lydbrook.

image: L:ydbrook air raid shelter

Terry wrote (April 2007): "... two recent photos of the old air raid shelters at Lydbrook Cable Works. The factory was completed in 1916 during WW I. The factory would produce around 70,000 miles of D3 army telephone cable. In 1925 the Edison Swan company bought the site. During WW II more telephone cables were produced. Lydbrook would also do a lot of research on the famous De Gaussing cable which was put around the hulls of ships as a protective measure against magnetic mines. The most famous item produced here was PLUTO pipeline under the ocean, a 3 inch diameter pipe which was laid by ship onto the seabed of the English Channel. It ran from the U.K. to France to supply fuel to the Allies. A total of 20 pipelines would be laid between England and France and a total of 120 million gallons of fuel would be pumped through. During WW II a stick of bombs fell at nearby Bishops Wood and it was reported on the radio the next day by lord Haw Haw that the cable works at Lydbrook in the Forest of Dean had been destroyed".

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