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WWI knuckle knife.

WWI knife

Terry wrote:"... this knuckle knife was a weapon of the first world war. After many months of hounding I finally got this for my collection. It was made for the first world war and was only produced for this conflict. A 1918 knuckle knife, a lot survived and were taken into WWII. The G.I.'s did n't rate this knife, as it often got snagged in clothing and the blade was all but useless for cutting ropes etc. You can unbolt the blade and just use the brass knuckle duster. This one was swapped for something at the old camp at Wigpool and has been in a kitchen drawer for years. A nasty piece of kit, you wouldnt want to get wacked with it".

James Cavendish added (August 2011): "... I had this knife in the Falklands War. I can recommend it pistols are not meant for cutting rope and nor is this knife for the tacktics of modern warfare this knife is over the top where serious injury is prefered to killing. This knife is on display at the Airborn forces museum".

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