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Pullen's Stoneworks, Tom & Maud Pullen

Fetter Hill stone works

The Stoneworks at Fetterhill, located about 250 yards below the former George Inn. (Believed to have closed during the early 1970's). Photo taken in May 1964.

Bob would like to know any outline details of the latter-day ownership and operation of the Stoneworks and the closure date of the works. Can anyone help?.

Mike Jones added: "... I remember going to the closing down auction circa 1970/1".

Yvonne Hill added: "... The Stoneworks I remember was known as Pullins or Pullens and as a matter of interest was sited opposite the long demolished pub The Royal Oak. I think somewhere in your archives you have a photo showing Mr. and Mrs. Wildin who ran the pub along with a group of locals".

David Evans added (December 2012): "... The stoneworks at Fetterhill was owned by a Mr Pullen who lived in Coalway. He had begun to build a house which was behind Ted Aston's shoe shop which was opposite the Brittania Inn now flats I believe. I think the house that Tom Pullen built was commenced before the 2nd World War but had to be stopped owing to the war. It was finished in the 1950's. I used to deliver milk to them in the late 50's when I had a school holiday job with Arnold Baker who was a friend of my father's and lived up the lane. We lived across the road where my parents had shops. A grocery shop and a sweet shop - now flats in a building called Canberra which is where I have lived for over 50 years. Still like to come to the Forest when I can".

Trudie Middleton added (August 2016): "... I think i can help with some info here. The stone yard at Fetter HIill belonged to my Gt.uncle Tom Pullen. He lived at Coalway and the house is still there. He retired in October 1963 and a Mr B Simpson became the new owner" .

An old photo of Tom and Maud Pullen

Above: Thomas Pullen and his wife Maud (nee Smith). He owned the stoneyard and quarries at Fetter Hill until he retired in 1963.

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