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The Christadelphian Hall at Ellwood, Gloucestershire around 1944-5 and Fetter Hill.

A photo of people outside the hall at Ellwood

Peter wrote: "... the Christadelphian Hall at Ellwood around 1944-5 before they had the extension built on".
From left to right , "Tom Jones, Lydia Jones. from Ellwood , just across from Ellwood House. Albert Blanch and Minnie Blanch, who lived next door to the hall and allowed them to build it in their garden. Joan blanch who emigrated from Fetter Hill and lived next to the George pub, to Tasmania, Sid Jones (my father) and me Peter Jones. who lived at Fetter Hill on the bank opposite the pub the George.

A photo of the jones residence on Fetter Hill, near Coleford, Gloucestershire.
"... My old house at Fetter Hill the Jones's taken from on top of the Point Quarry looking down on the railway line and road ... the house is on the bank opposite the George pub."

A photo of the Jones house at Fetter hill on washing day.
"... my old house where I was born at Fetter Hill"

The Jones family at Fetter Hill between Parkend and Coleford
"... the Jones's Sid, Ethel, Ruth and Peter. nice to see the washing on the line( wonder if it's dry yet!)

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