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East Dean Grammar School buildings c1980.

EDGS buildings

Top: Front of Cinderford Technical College from College Road 1980
Middle: Front of EDGS taken from Station Street Circa 1980.
Bottom: Front of EDGS taken from Parragate Road Circa 1980.

Stephen added: "... in 1980 EDGS was being used as a storage facility by the Council but the buildings still looked as they did back in the 1950s".

Jeff Jones added (November 2010): "... Thanks for these great photos of a reminder of my late teens. However I beg to differ with respect to the use of the college for storage in 1980. I'm sure this is'nt so. I attended the West Glos College Of Further Education from 1978-1980 on day release while an engineering apprentice at Rank Xerox. It was a full thriving College then as the photos suggest with tidy smart signage, a good state of paintwork etc. My mum ... worked there at this time as a teaching assistant in the Domestic Science/Catering Dept. As well as classroom lectures in the main building some of my fellow students from smaller firms which did'nt have their own Training Schools also spent time in the engineering workshops too - the white buildings at extreme right of bottom photo. The Hillman Avenger car in the top photo is parked in the College Road lay-by opposite the much larger car-park below the white fence both used by students mainly. The white doors visible behind the College signpost led into the reception/office area. I recall having lectures in the first floor classrooms behind the telegraph pole given by Mrs Beryl Evans (see my earler mail) who was very popular with all the lads. I believe the College did'nt formally close to students until the new College opened in 1985 at Berry Hill. See the Victoria History. Curiously enough this used the same site/buildings as had been the new Royal Forest of Dean Grammar School that I'd attended that had itself been built to replace the EDGS in 1968 . My mum's nextdoor neighbour in Parragate since the early 1960's until his sad passing was Sid Wilce. He was the College Caretaker as well as a Special P.C. who had the honour of being one of the first to walk the new Severn Suspension Bridge on its Opening Day in 1966. A kind good neighbour who let us feed his chickens despite the noise 3 kids next door could make".

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