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East Dean Grammar School Football Team 1935.

East Dean Grammar School 1935

Standing: W J Vaughan Aveston, J Bell, H Baker, A W F Stephens, Kenneth G Wellstead, H A Parsons, Eric Dee, Mr C.L. ("Tim") Saunders (Headmaster)
Seated: R Webb, G F Fern (captain), W V Boseley, K Middlecote, W R Chivers.

Jeff Jones added: "... Nice to see Gilbert Fern as a dashing young man. I had the great pleasure of being taught by Mr Fern at RFDGS at Berry Hill from 1973-1978. This new School was opened in 1968 to replace Bells (Coleford) and EDGS (Cinderford); most of our oldest teachers had previously taught at those Grammar Schools. By then he was 'only' teaching Technical Drawing, easily my favourite subject. Mr Fern was always immaculately attired in dark grey suit, despite the risk of stray chalk dust. It was incredible how well and accurately he could 'draw' using sharpened chalk onto a vertical blackboard, even using a stick of chalk within a huge wooden compass for circles and arcs ! He was a kind, patient but firm teacher. I only recently learnt of his RAF history from my mother's 'Oak Leaves' magazine, otherwise I'd never have guessed he'd been a daring war hero, like so many of his generation he probably never mentioned it. Thanks and RIP Mr Fern D.F.M."

Dave Tuffley added: "... The L.H .master was Mr Aveston as he was the Deputy Headmaster when I was there in 1962 and retired about 1965-ish".

David Evans added (December 2015): "... Here’s a link to a newspaper article about the exploit that Mr Fern took part in, in 1942: Daily Mail article “Sonny” Fern was obviously a good navigator and Gatward an excellent pilot to have pulled this off. I met him in the late 1950’s when I was in Coleford with my father".

Thanks also to John Phillips.

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